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       HANGZHOU SANJIN MACHINERY MANUFACTURE Co., Ltd is a profeesional electronical machinery manufacturer specilizing in producing all kinds of Straightening machine, wiredrawing machine and all kinds of relevant accessories.
       We have the integrated ability of developing, designing.m an uf a ctu rering and saling. Because of our strong technology, advanced equipments and reasonable management our products are well solded in more than 20 cities and provinces in China. And our machines are also on good sale in Russia, America,and Korea. We have been commended as The State High & Technical Enterprise in this line for many years. And our SANJIN series products have gained a great reputation as Chinese name brand Our production forward under the advanced state standards GB8525-87', GB10600-89'and industry standard JGVT5086-96.
       Our offices located in Beijing, Tianjin, Xian, Guiyang and Shenzhen. We'll provide our prompt and comprehensive service to the customers all over the world. Welcome to contact us.

Business Tel : 0571-64667178 64666798    

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Add : Yuzhao Machinery Industry Zone of Tonglu Zhejiang China

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